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Finnmark county is not only special, it is also SMART.



Finnmark joined the SMART-specialisation plattform, 30. june 2018

Finnmark joined the SMART-specialisation plattform as a first step towards fundamental adjustments as to which strategic goals are being targeted and how these goals are being achieved.


Kick-off for SMART-specialisation in Finnmark County, 21. january 2019

21. january 2019 marks the beginning of Finnmark's SMART-specialisation. Finnmark County Administration together with renown research Institute NORUT have invited stakeholders from innovation and research in Finnmark to join and be part of the process.





What is SMART-specialisation? How does it help my region?


These are important questions - find answers!


Where do we start?


In 2015, after a long and demanding foresight process, Finnmark adopted its Regional Development Strategy to guide the county into the future. "Fremtidens Finnmark" or "Future Finnmark" is the fundamental document on which all other strategies build upon.

RUP 2014-2023 Fremtidens Finnmark (English) (PDF, 1024 kB)

RUP 2014-2023 Fremtidens Finnmark (Norwegian) (PDF, 2 MB)

The SMART-specialisation process makes Finnmark's development goals presented in this document more tangible. It takes necessary adjustments and explores new approaches.

In November 2016 the executive committee (fylkesutvalg) of Finnmark's county parliament under case 61/16 (link) decided the funding of Finnmark's SMART-specialisation process.


What are the priority areas


The priority areas will be identified during an in-depth research process where experts evaluate Finnmark with regard to opportunities in economic development, business development, education, research and innovation.



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